Emotional Currency Workshop in greater Boston area

Saturday, Apr 21, 2012 - 9:30 AM to 4:30 PM

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Whether you think you have enough money or too little, whether you “manage” your money or ignore it-underneath most people’s thoughts and behaviors are often powerful feelings about money. These feelings, usually ignored, can become valuable resources for navigating through our money lives when we give them proper attention.
Join with a small group of women to discover your unique, personal, and emotional relationship with money. Through structured discussions and exercises, explore how money is woven into your thoughts and feelings about yourself and your relationship with others. Learn to approach what money holds and means to you with curiosity.
It is a surprisingly intimate, touching, and fun day that is guaranteed to teach you much about yourself and about money. While no financial advice is included, people who have participated in the workshop find themselves better able to deal with financial matters.

Dr. Kate Levinson is the author of Emotional Currency: A Woman’s Guide to Building a Healthy Relationship with Money, an insightful and empowering guide that offers readers-men and women alike-a profound new approach to dealing with money. A licensed Marriage Family Therapist in California (MFC #15955) with a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology, Kate has spent more than 20 years studying the interface of money and psychology. In addition to leading Emotional Currency™ Workshops, she consults with individuals and couples in her private practice in Oakland, Ca.

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